Cricket Ashes

Cricket Ashes

Cricket Ashes

Cricket ashes are a very popular test match series between England and Australia. This cricket series is worth watching because due to these mere series there have been kind of rival situation between the relations of both the countries. Each of the both countries is more interested in letting the other one lose the series rather than to win it. The ashes take place just once in four years. An ashes series contains about five test matches. The most recently held ashes series was in 2015 which was won by England and so England has the ashes. Australia and England both have won 32 series in total while the remaining five series were a draw. The concept of cricket ashes was started in 1882 when Australia had won a match against England on the ground of England.

At that time it was quoted that English cricket has ended and it had died but there was some sort of mythical ashes about which the captain of England had quoted that he is going to get back the ashes and that was the time when the fire had begun. England had won a match so as a memorial Bligh, who was the captain of the English team, was awarded urn as a memorial.
It has become a misconception among the cricket fans that the same urn containing those particular ashes are awarded to the winner of the series but this is not the case. The ashes that were gifted to Bligh were kept in a museum in England but then they were later shifted to Australia and the trophy that is awarded to the winner of the ashes series is just a replica of that urn.

Interesting facts about Ashes

  • The term ashes have become so renowned that there was a featured film made about the ashes.
  • A novel named “Life, the universe, and everything” also featured the famous ashes series.
  • Florence Murphy, who was a music teacher, had presented the ashes urn to Ivo Bligh and they were married soon after this presentation.
  • Melbourne, the city of Australia was chosen for the very first test match of the Ashes.

Cricket Ashes

The urn

The ashes in the urn were assumed to be the ashes of a cricket ball. The urn is supposedly very fragile due to which it was only able to transport to Australia twice. Then urn is 11cm high and it was awarded to Ivo Bligh after a friendly match.  After the death of Ivo Bligh, the urn was presented to a cricket club which is known as “Marylebone cricket club”.  After these series of events, these ashes had become of great importance for the England and Australia test match series. The original urn has some text written on about Ivo Bligh in his respect. The present urn is said to be one of the most popular yet one of the smallest trophies in the history of cricket.

And so the mythical ashes that initially came into being in the late nineteenth century has now a great importance in the field of cricket. Cricket lovers consider this series worth waiting for. This series has created a sense of competition among the nations of Australia and England due to which this series has been gaining popularity worldwide.

Due to the popularity of the ashes the series of other sports among the two countries, Australia and Britain, has also been named to ashes that mainly include the Rugby league and this name was suggested by Australia. There were other series that were named so too such as bowls, football, and soccer as well.


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