French roulette or European roulette – which is the best?

French roulette or European roulette – which is the best? All players must have known that Roulette is one of the most interesting games in casinos. The problem is there are many types of Roulette with French and European Roulette is only two of them. So, which one is the best?

French and European Roulette are almost similar

Looking at the variety, the single zero of European Roulette is well-known as the most popular one with its winning odds and the house edge which are said far better than another popular version, American Roulette with its double zero variety. Now that European Roulette is one of a hell issue, many people often get confused with French Roulette. It will be understandable for non-gamblers since French Roulette is played in Monaco and France, which is perceived as European. While people who have been involved in both games should have known that the differences are so noticeable.

French roulette or European roulette – which is the best?

Anyhow, the differences can’t easily be found in the game play as both French and European Roulette share some rules even when played on online casino sites like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. The rules like En Prison and La Partage in French Roulette sometimes may present in European Roulette tables in some casinos. Both of French and European varieties of Roulette also have similar house edge and odds due to the presence of only one green zero slot.

The difference is rather in the physical. There is nothing more noticeable than its superficial traits that have slight effect on how the game is played. If you think that it’s the wheel that makes the difference, no it’s not since both French and European versions use the same single zero variety. The difference is as simple as how the table is set up for the game. Both versions must have different set up before the game is started.

How French and European Roulette tables differ

If you have really seen both French and European roulette tables, you must easily list down many variations between the two. In French Roulette, the wheel is located in the middle of the table, whereas in European Roulette, the spinning device can be seen at one end of the table.

Another major difference is the using of language. The labels in European Roulette tables are often in English, although it can be in another language depends on where the game is played. In French Roulette anyhow, the wordings and the names for the bets on the tables are of course, strictly in French. It’s often be perceived as something that will make non-French speakers difficulty. Nonetheless, a player who knows how to play Roulette will overcome the problem since the layout is usually similar to the ones that are used in European Roulette tables.

Anybody who just start playing Roulette will probably find it difficult to differ the tables. However, both versions are very similar since you understand how to play it. Then if somebody ask; French roulette or European roulette – which is the best? You know what you need to explain.

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