Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft

Life has always been on the two sides, good and bad. The girl also has 2 kinds, there is a good girl and a bad girl. Actually, you can take both. Sometimes be good and sometimes becomes bad. Good and bad was the inspiration of betsoft game in developing one of their best slot games, Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft and Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. This slot game takes you to choose the good side or bad side. Each side can give different benefits.

Good Girl Bad Girl in the game you can see heaven and hell. A nice girl that looks like an angel was on this side of heaven. While the nasty girl who like evil in hell. The two girls were hostile to each other.

Awesome features of Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft
Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Game Review by BetSoft

On the good girl bad girl, you can take advantage of the enmity the two girls. You can easily choose the bad mode or good mode. Each mode has different advantages. In a good mode, you have a smaller risk but you will be paid little. In a bad mode, you have a greater risk but you will be paid bigger. If you are confused with choosing, you can also select both by using both modes.

Good girl bad girl has 5 reels and 30 pay line. If you choose a good girl, you are using 15 paylines and enter the good mode. In good mood, all paylines run from left to the right. Choosing a bad girl, you are also using 15 paylines and entering the bad mode. In this mode, all paylines run from right to the left. You can also use the 30 paylines by choosing both modes in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. If you select both modes, you will increase the chances of winning, but the value of your bets will also increase.

In Good Girl Bad Girl, there are some symbols of the reels: 10, J, Q, K, A, the good girl, the bad girl, their pets, and the bonus symbols plus some other symbols.

Some Features of Good Girl, Bad Girl

In Good Girl Bad Girl, each girl has different wild symbols. Wild Symbol for Good Girl is Halo, while the Bad Girl Wild Symbol is a Pitchfork. Hello, a symbol appears on the 3rd reel, 4th reel, and 5th reel. Hello, a symbol can reveal either 1x or 2x multiplier. Pitchfork Symbol appears on the 1st reel, 2nd reel, and 3rd reel. Pitchfork symbol can reveal 1x to the 4x multiplier.

When the pitchfork symbol and halo symbol appeared side by side, it will trigger the Click Me bonus. In Good Mode, you will be given 4 gift boxes. Each box that contains either a prize or ‘collect’. All glowing boxes have gifts. Nonglowing boxes containing the largest prize or ‘collect’. You will be able to continue to take the boxes until you find the ‘collect’. The bad mode has the contrary situation. All non-glowing boxes contain prize. Glowing boxes containing the largest prize or ‘collect’. In Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android when you play in both modes, you can choose the mode of play in this feature. You can choose play fair or play.

In Good Girl Bad Girl, you can play Money Wheel Scatter Symbol Game. If you find three or more Money Wheel Symbol, it will trigger the Money Wheel Bonus Game. In the wheel, there are a number of cash prizes and free spins plus the chances to win the progressive jackpots if your casino offers it. You can spin the Money Wheel to gain your prize.

Double Up feature is also available in the Good Girl Bad Girl. In this feature, you have to guess a coin’s surface that appears after a coin was thrown. If you guessed right, you can double the entire gift that you have. If you guess wrong, then the whole prize will be lost.

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