Information about Soccer Double Chance Betting

Information about Soccer Double Chance Betting

Double chance betting is getting more popular in soccer because it gives the bettors more winning chance. If you never tried this betting type before, you need some information about soccer double chance betting before investing your money. Let’s take a closer look about double chance betting!

Information about Soccer Double Chance Betting

Information about Soccer Double Chance Betting
Information about Soccer Double Chance Betting

What is Double Chance Betting?

Do you like soccer betting? Then you must know what double chance betting is. Basically, soccer match has three possible results, whether it’s a win, a loss, or a draw. Instead of betting only one possible outcome, in double chance betting you combine two possibilities, a win and a draw. It means you won’t get the money only if your team loses.

Though this type of betting is widely popular in soccer, it is also possible to be used in other sports having three possible results, like hockey. However, for tennis or volleyball, double chance betting is impossible. A betting site that offers this is the Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of double chance betting is increasing your winning chances. If you’re torn between two options and can’t decide if your backed team wins or draws, you could still get some money using this less-risky strategy. At least you could feel more secured if it is impossible for your team to lose.

However, you must not forget that football is an absolutely dynamic sport. The result can be far from what has been predicted. Also, you couldn’t place double chance bet on any match because you should look closely on the teams. Double chance betting is only good for backing the underdogs. If one team is overestimated and made favourites and the underdog is considered to have a good value, you could deploy this type of bet. If there’s no underdog team in a match, you’d better not use this strategy.

Example of Double Chance Betting

In a soccer game, a team can win (1), lose (2), or draw (X) against its opponent. Let’s use Chelsea and Manchester City as an example. In this example, Chelsea will be the home team and City is the away team. Therefore, you could place one of the following betting strategies:

  • Win Chelsea or Draw (1X)

It means you win if either Chelsea wins the match or it ends in a draw.

  • Draw or Win Manchester City (X2)

This option means you win if either City wins the match or it ends in a draw.

  • Chelsea or Manchester City (12)

If you use this strategy, it means you win if either Chelsea or City wins the match and you’ll lose if the match ends in a draw.

Although the odds for double chance betting is said to be lower than that for other common bets, you are still able to make money from this. Games with risky outcomes are perfect for this type of bet. That is why it’s a great thing if you integrate this strategy with other betting strategy, like handicap betting. If you want to improve your experience on this betting, you should find more information about soccer double chance betting, not to mention the perfect strategies.

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