Most popular sports in the world

most popular sports in the world

There are numerous sports that are played in the whole wide world. Some sports are played in some specific areas due to their culture or mostly due to the interests of the people of that area but there are some sports that are famous in the whole world. The fans of such sports can be found in almost any part of the world and so to count down some of the very popular sports, following are some of them.

Popular sports in the world

Most popular sports in the world
Most popular sports in the world
  1. Soccer/Football

Soccer is a very renowned sport. The events of soccer are of great importance for example, almost everyone is excited for the FIFA world cup and it is one of the most awaited events. It is considered to be one of the highest paying competitions in the whole world. In Latin countries like Argentina, Brazil football is not just a game. They have emotional attachment with this game.

FIFA world cup is the only sports event which was very highly rated as it was watched by 3.9 billion people from the whole world.

The players of soccer are very highly paid. Two of the best players Ronaldo and Messi are paid about 3 hundred thousand per week!

  1. Basketball

Basketball is the second most popular sport of the world after football. It is one of the fastest growing sports and on an average the players are highly paid. Especially the players of NBA, that is a football league of America, receive the highest payments. On an average each player receives at least 4.4 million dollars annually. The rate is different for the ones who are at the top. The players who are in the top 10 receive a salary of about 22 dollars per year.

  1. Cricket

The other sports may have the highest paid players but in the case of cricket it is necessary to mention that it is the second sport in the list of those who are highly followed by the fans. Mostly the fans of cricket belong to countries like India, Pakistan, and New Zealand and of course Australia and many others as well. Cricket is popular in almost every part of the world. Some cricket series like T20, Ashes, and IPL have gained too much popularity. It is a very dominating sport. The salaries of women cricket teams have also increased. They are approximately doubled in an era of five years.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is the only sport in the world whose prize money is very high. It is higher than any other sports in the world. Especially the winner of Wimbledon receives an insanely huge of amount of money. Some top players of tennis like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic are the highest paid ones. It is also a sport that gives gender equality that is it is equal for both, male and female. The female tennis players, like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, are one of the 20 highest paid athletes of the whole world.

  1. Athletics

Like tennis athletics is also popular equally among both, male and female. Athletics is itself comprised of a number of sports namely running, country cross race, long jump etc. The sports of athletics can be watched in the Olympic Games, an event whose name does not require any explanation.

Rugby is a sport that is mostly played and watched in the countries which are very developed economically. France has the best rugby players. Rugby is also highly promoted in Argentina, Italy, Japan and United States.

Some honorable mentions:

These are not the only popular sports in the world. There are numerous others as well. To mention some of them we can name as boxing, Formula 1 racing, Golf, volleyball, ice hockey and gymnastics.

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