A little history  of Sports

The term “Sport” is not new for anybody. This term just does not refer to a bunch of games being played every now and then. In fact, sport is a series of games played in a form of a competition or at least in a specified manner. In the past games were played in order to spend time or as leisure time activity but as time passed these kinds of games were played or held in more of orderly fashion. In the past years, sports were only held to pass the time or for an exercise. There was not really a proper schedule for it. BASKETBALL It just depended on the moods of a number of people and they just played whatever pleased them.


Then and now

After some years things had started to change a lot. The Sports Soccer In the past not many people were interested in sports but as time passed more and more people started to take interest in it. Not only did the number of spectators increased but the number of players also do. More and more type of games had started to organize with more specific rules and regulations.

Soon after the advent of print and broadcast media the sports were broadcasted to many parts of the world and so the fame and popularity of sport began to spread far and wide.


Contests and tournaments

When more and people began to take interest in the field of interest then the need of participation from the players was greatly felt. In order to make a lot of people participate in these games, some tournaments and competitions used to hold and the winner may get a very good prize.

That’s when the idea of completion and rivalry in sports had come up. Teams were made and matches were held among them and so the tournaments of sports came into being.

Rules and regulations

Since these games were held on a very high level then there was cheating involved too. In the greed of winning the prize, the players started to cheat by the use of different drugs which was supposed to give them immense strength and stamina. When the lawmakers found out, proper investigations were taken place and as a result, there were laws laid that there will be body tests of the players before the games in order to get of rid of all corruption and cheating from the field of sports.

In the field of sports, the term of match fixing is not new. It has been carried out for years. In this, people used to have deals involving a huge amount of money desiring to win. Laws were soon made to stop this as well and the people found guilty of committing such a crime were severely punished as well.

During a match of any sports, violence was observed as well. It may be the players or the coach or the umpire. It is also observed that the audience also show very violent behavior and it has created problems for the law enforcers as well for the players. It has caused problems for both, national as well as international games. Efforts have been made in order to put an end to this.

Women participation:

Women participation in sports is worth mentioning because there has been gender equality in different fields and so the women also participated in the sports as well and so the concept of women league or matches had also come into being. The total participation from the US athletics of women is about 39%

As the time passed, the participation of the disabled in the sports is also given importance.

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