Strategies in Online Roulette That You Should Avoid

Here are some The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia strategies in online roulette that you should avoid. Using strategies while playing roulette seems like a big key to win. However, not all strategy works. Most of the time, those strategies would bring bankrupt in the long run. Don’t fall to their traps.

Strategies in Online Roulette That You Should Avoid


Martingale is one of the most known betting systems. The system is simple: bettors had to double their wager each time they lost. The idea is to cover their losses by double just by a win. Seems sweet, right? However sweet it may seem, this system is not realistic. First of all, the chance to win or lose is purely random. This means you can lose consecutively and lost all the money. Second, even if you’re lucky enough to win, there’s ‘house edge’ that will cut the money you will receive.


This system is also well known. Again, this system only covers progressive betting. It only controls the amount of money to use on each bet, not helping with the odds or house edge. Instead of helping with the chances to win, this system mostly would make it more complicated to place bets due to its roundabout counting.

James Bond Method

The name seems cool, and winning with the strategy would make you seems cool as well. However, please note that this strategy is not any different to Martingale. What’s distinguishing it from the other system is that the limit is 200 dollars. Just like Martingale, it doesn’t help your chances with the house edge, odds, or the results (Yes, even though James Bond is very successful with it). Instead of chasing to the coolness, chase for actual profit instead.


‘Increase bet when losing, decrease when winning’ may sounds logical, especially to even-money bettors. This strategy itself was invented following the ‘equilibrium of nature’, as it tries to get some profit after loss and minimize loss in a winning streak. Even though it seems so natural and plausible, note that randomness is also a natural thing. There is always the possibility to not winning after lengthy losing streak, which we all wanted to avoid. Again, this strategy will not tamper with the odds, results, or house edge one bit.

Dealer’s Signature

This is the most obvious system to avoid. Even though it may work in real casinos, doing it with online roulette is a completely ridiculous. Online betting sites uses RNG (Random Number Generator) and therefore the bet results don’t have any pattern (or at least, the pattern cannot be observed short term. This is due to the program syntax’s design). So, with exception of some luck, it is impossible to win online roulette with Dealer’s Signature strategy.

Those are list of strategies in online roulette that you should avoid. They don’t work because they either only control your bet amounts or outside factors. It’s important to note that roulette is a game of pure luck. Unless a strategy can tinker with the house edge or the result itself, they’re not guaranteed to ensure anybody’s victory.

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