Surprising Information about Online Fan Tan Game

Surprising Information about Online Fan Tan Game

Playing casino game is an enjoyable activity. In early 2000, you should take a trip to the land-based casino to enjoy gambling games. However, since the Internet is easily accessed by everyone, bettors tend to enjoy gambling games in an online casino site. Fan tan is one of the examples of gambling games. It is a good step to know surprising information about online fan tan game that you should know.

Surprising Information about Online Fan Tan Game

Surprising Information about Online Fan Tan Game
Surprising Information about Online Fan Tan Game

Traditional Chinese Gambling Game

Fan tan Game is a card gambling game which originally comes from China. This game was popularly played in Dynasty Qing. For your information, Dynasty Qing ruled China from 1645 to early 1912. At that time, this game is only played by a noble family. Since Chinese immigrates across the world, this game gains its popularity in many regions. Even though Fan tan categorized as a traditional game, this game is still played by bettors in Macau casino.

Not Only Popular in China

Fan tan gains its popularity among India bettors. But, bettors in India modify the name of Fan tan to Satti pe Satti. Surprisingly, this game is not only popular in India. You can find Fan tan in Chinatown around the world. In 1890, bettors can play this game in New York’s Chinatown. There are more than 50 land-based casinos who offer fan tan game. Moreover, in the 19th century, Chinatown in San Fransisco was a home base of fan tan players in America at that time.

Four Is A Great Number

Some countries in Asia consider four as a cursed number. But, four is a great number when you play fan tan game. If you play fan tan game with four players, the winning chance is equal for all players. Even though this game can be played for three to eight players, every player will have the equal amount of cards.

Make Sure You Play All Your Cards

In Fan tan game, the end of the game occurs when all players do not have any single card on their hands. It occurs either you eliminate the cards or play the cards. If you wait all players lure all cards they have, you put yourself in danger. If you do that, you are in a trap.

Seven Card Is A Key

Seven is a key card. After card seven put in the middle of the table, players should arrange the next card orderly. You are able to arrange seven, eight nine, and etc or seven, six, five etc. If a player does not have the card to arrange to the next card, he or she should eliminate one card from their hands.

Maintain A “End Card” As Long As Possible

Fan tan is a casino game which requires a lot of strategies. Your decision will influence other moves. The most effective way to win is keeping end cards as long as possible. End card is a card which can reduce or cut other players’ movements.

After you know surprising information about online fan tan game above, you will get many wins in fan tan game. Do not waste your time and chance gaining many prizes in this game by just playing in  this top and most trusted online casino gambling site in Malaysia.

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